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Join our Circle of Friends!

Hey, I have a story to tell you.

My name is Annie (not Ann, it's confusing, we know). I'm the one up there on the right. ^

I've been working as the Programs Director for OGT for over a year now. I've traveled to Kenya and Cambodia, working alongside Dr. Messer helping to train health workers and treat patients.

Let me tell you, the medical education project trips are some of the most exhausting, all-consuming, and rewarding experiences ever. At the end of each 18 hour day, I fall into bed completely beat - but proud of the work that I feel so honored to be doing. The next day I'm up before the sun, ready to do it all over again until it's time to go home.

Ah, going home. You'd think that coming home to the US means that we get to slow down, right? Well, that's not necessarily the case. In fact, we are just as busy in between our international projects.

Our health care programming is international, yet most of the work happens at home. Every day, we invest the time, energy, and resources to provide ongoing education, up-to-date medical information, diagnosis/treatment advice, and medical training to our partners around the world.

In the past week alone, Dr. Messer and I have been in contact with health providers in Cambodia, Kenya, Jordan, and the Dominican Republic. These ongoing relationships with each community allow us to build long-term health solutions for those who need it most.

But ongoing work requires consistent funding. That's why I am asking YOU to help.

Ongoing funding is vitally important to our mission. It means that even when we are not fundraising for a particular project, we can still provide ongoing medical support to our partner communities. That's why I've got an announcement to make. Drumroll, please...

We are launching a new fundraising initiative: One Good Turn's Circle of Friends!

The Circle of Friends is a dedicated group of monthly donors whose recurring gifts build sustainable pathways to better health and well-being for neglected communities worldwide.

Please consider joining our Circle of Friends. It's easy, only takes 2 minutes, and any gift is appreciated, from $5-$500 a month (or more, if you want!).

When you become a Friend of One Good Turn, you will:

  • Provide the steady funding that allows OGT to provide much-needed health care & medical education year-round

  • Lower administrative costs so more resources go directly to health care programming & humanitarian aid

  • Ensure that neglected communities have access to reliable health care information, resources, and clinical care - month after month

They say "One Good Turn deserves another." Help us amplify our impact by becoming a Friend of One Good Turn.

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