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Download COVID Response Plans for International Health Workers

As the battle against COVID-19 rages on, it is only a matter of time before the disease spreads to communities around the world that may not have access to adequate health care or medical informational resources. 

We are working to slow the spread of COVID-19 in at-risk communities through education, prevention, and practical response plans. We've created a comprehensive COVID response plan designed for health workers in neglected communities.

Our COVID-19 Response Plan: 

  • Delivers the best, most up-to-date medical information

  • Helps communities avoid COVID and prevent the spread of illness

  • Recommends treatment protocols for patients sick with COVID-19 

  • Equips communities with the tools to monitor COVID symptoms

  • Provides customized recommendations based on the resources, supplies, and medications available in each of our partner communities

This is not one-size-fits-all medical advice. Our COVID response plan takes into account the conditions of the communities where we work. 

No masks? We’ll teach you how to make one out of a t-shirt. 

No gloves? Plastic bags will do. 

No soap? We’ve got a recipe to make handwashing solution with bleach and water. 

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