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Member Spotlight: Jose Carlos Marmolejos, MD

Jose Carlos Marmolejos is an amazing MD practicing in the Dominican Republic, in and around Puerto Plata. We were lucky to work with him on our last trip to the Dominican Republic in March.

Dr. Marmolejos (or Dr. Carlos, as he’s known around his community) works with one of our partner organizations, Makarios. Makarios is a nonprofit based in Austin that works with under-served communities in Montellano, an impoverished region of the Dominican Republic. Makarios works to end the cycle of poverty through Christ-centered education, family-centric community programs, and relationships that empower. Their primary school currently teaches students from Pre-K through 6th grade. While at school the children are given two meals a day, a vitamin, and clean water. Makarios is hoping to grow the school through high school in the upcoming years. This organization has helped many children and families live happy and healthy lives and Dr. Carlos has been a huge part of making that possible.

Dr. Carlos is well-loved and trusted for the work he does with Makarios and the surrounding community. Every day, he works with the school children, local leadership, and American staff providing high-quality medical care. Kids and adults alike love Dr. Carlos - and it’s clear why. Not only is he a talented doctor, but his welcoming smile and calm, kind manner makes all his patients feel immediately at home. He is a model health provider and we are so happy to know him and consider him a friend.

We also wanted to extend congratulations to Dr. Marmolejos for his excellent clinical evaluation results. Right now, we need committed and knowledgeable doctors more than ever, and Dr. Carlos is dedicating his skills and time to those who need it most. We want to thank Dr. Carlos for all his work with Makarios and with us here at One Good Turn! Thank you, Dr. Carlos!

Learn more about Makarios and the work that they do at

P.S. If you would like to see Dr. Carlos’s impressive guitar skills, check out the video below! (This video was taken by a member of the OGT team while in the Dominican Republic in March 2020.)

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