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Member Spotlight: Francis Otieno

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Francis Otieno, or as we like to call him, OT, is the amazingly dedicated medical officer at our longtime partner organization Change a Life Learning Center (CALLC) in Nairobi, Kenya. OT has been our point of contact since our first project with Change a Life in 2017. When we first worked with CALLC, there was no medical record keeping system and many of the students had a variety of easily treatable medical conditions including scabies or Tinea Capitis, a fungal skin infection. Working with OT, we set up a system to record all the students' heights, weights, and medical encounters, as well as treatment protocols for scabies and Tinea. During our most recent trip to Kenya in October 2019, we were amazed and excited to see that instances of scabies and Tinea had dropped to less than half of their previous levels, all because of OT's hard work. Despite his lack of formal medical training, OT has served as an amazing resource for the students and staff at CALLC. He treats everything from playground injuries to skin infections to the flu. In addition to his medical chops, OT's big heart and caring manner has made him one of the most well-loved staff members at CALLC. We're so glad to count him as a member of the OGT team.

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