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One Good Turn: Who We Are and What We Do


Ann Messer, MD founded One Good Turn in the spring of 2016 after over a decade of work in global health. She learned that despite a lack of access to basic medical education and current health care information, health workers in remote communities are eager to learn and participate in educational opportunities. A humanitarian and a scientist, Ann established One Good Turn to educate, as well as to treat, our global neighbors in neglected communities. Today, our 501(c)(3) partners with local health workers in neglected communities around the world to provide practical medical education and culturally sensitive medical care. Through education, we build sustainable pathways to better health and well-being for communities worldwide.


One Good Turn provides practical medical education and culturally sensitive medical care to neglected communities worldwide.


One Good Turn is an almost entirely women-run organization. A trailblazer in the field of health education, Dr. Messer has made a point to surround herself with savvy,

intelligent, hard-working women. Our team of female leaders is dedicated to bringing

the best medical education to health providers in the farthest corners of the world.


  • Half of our world's population lacks access to basic health care.

  • The most common illnesses around the world are treatable and/or preventable.

  • The poorest and most remote communities have the least-educated health care providers and the greatest burden of illness.

  • Health care education and delivery is a proven pathway to development.


  • We partner with established organizations in ‘last mile’ communities with minimal access to medical education or health care resources.

  • We provide culturally sensitive clinical care and medical education.

  • We share resources and tools with local and visiting healthcare providers.

  • We serve as an ongoing resource for community health workers.

  • We help to accelerate our global neighbors’ journey toward self- reliance and thriving development.


  • Partnership: We partner with communities, local organizations, and other NGOs in order to enhance our impact on local development.

  • Needs Assessment: We identify and assess the medical needs of the community while learning about and respecting the local culture.

  • Clinical Care: We provide culturally sensitive medical care with respect and support for the community and its established providers.

  • Medical Education: We teach local health care providers using established protocols while incorporating regionally specific knowledge.

  • Project Management: We create project management systems, supporting invested community health workers in the long term.


One Good Turn has served communities in Cambodia, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jordan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and more. In every country we’ve visited, we’ve met open-minded and dedicated medical providers and community leaders that are excited to learn.


One Good Turn focuses on practical medical education and training as a pathway to

sustainable, thriving development and community health. OGT uses each clinical

experience as a model for teaching. We believe in the power of friendship and ongoing

involvement in the community via an advisory role. By providing health workers with

tools and knowledge, we empower them to take a leadership role and improve the

well-being of their communities long after our team is gone.

Life is hard in many of the locations we serve, and we know that we cannot cure all illness or stop all suffering. But with careful acknowledgment of harsh realities, we can help. We believe that compassionate care and education, offered with kindness and in communion with our global neighbors, is the best kind of medicine.

Contact us at for sponsorship, partnership, and volunteer opportunities.

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